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What's Intentio?

Intentio is a chrome extension that makes it easier for you to minimize distractions, stay focused, and work toward your goals mindfully with ease by prompting you to think twice before accessing time-wasting sites and by making it effortless to focus.

Intentio Features Preview


Intentio's blocked and focus sites list, including the redirect blocked site feature.
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Create Custom
Block & Focus Lists

Create two lists of sites: One for time-wasting sites to block and another for goal-oriented sites to focus on.

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Easily stay focused across all sites with sync icon synced Pomodoro session. Oh, and you can move icon move the timer wherever you want.

Pomodoro Popup shown on a site, stays there on any site you visit, and can be moved around to the position of your liking.
Intent questions asked on visiting a blocked site.
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Mindless forward arrow icon Mindful

Intentio prompts questions to increase mindfulness while accessing blocked sites and break out of mindless browsing.

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Mindful Downtime

Schedule periods of time when you are not allowed to access your blocked sites and see a summary of the sites you visited for the day.

Intentio's downtime page showing the sites visited throughout the day, number of visits, and time spent there.
Intentio time triggers with countdown messages during blocked session.
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Get Notified &
Stay Accountable

Intentio sends notifications based on the time limit you set for yourself on a blocked site, helping you stay accountable and avoid wasting more time.

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Uncover Mindless
Browsing Sites

Get prompts to block any website that you've spent over 15 minutes on, which is not on your list of blocked or focus sites.

Popup to add the site you're on to blocked sites or focus sites.
Intentio Analytics Feature, showing learning vs pleasure comparison, and all sites visited throughout the month, including how much time was spent there.
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See Your Intentions
at a Glance

Reveal your browsing habits through learning vs pleasure comparisons, the sites you visited, and the amount of time you spent there.

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